How Microsoft will liquidate Internet Explorer

End of support for Internet Explorer 11 as a desktop application dates back to June 15, 2022. However, there has been no removal of this web browser from devices. On some versions of Windows 10, IE11 will be permanently disabled on February 14, 2023. Such deactivation will take place within the framework of the distribution … Read more

sentenced to pay a fine of 60 million euros

sentenced to pay a fine of 60 million euros

The Cnil, guardian of the privacy of the French, has sanctioned the American computer giant Microsoft with a fine of 60 million euros for not allowing simply refusing “cookies” on its Bing search engine, according to a statement released Thursday. It is the largest fine that the authority has imposed in 2022, which last year … Read more

Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and TomTom join forces to offer free maps

The Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes free software and especially GNU/Linux operating systems, welcomes a new initiative with the Overture Maps Foundation. As the name suggests, this new fund focuses on cards that are becoming increasingly central. Faced with proprietary solutions on the market, led by Google Maps, this foundation for open maps … Read more

Microsoft Bans Developers Who Distributed Malicious Windows Drivers – ICT News

Microsoft Bans Developers Who Distributed Malicious Windows Drivers - ICT News

Microsoft has deleted the accounts of a few third-party developers after they were found to have caused the company to classify malware in the form of hardware drivers as safe. The incident was revealed last week, but dates back to October. Security firms SentinelOne, Mandiant and Sophos discovered that hackers wanted to spread their ransomware … Read more

Microsoft Edge says goodbye to old Windows

At the same time for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, the ultimate version of the Microsoft Edge browser is now known. It will be one version 109 of Microsoft Edge which is scheduled for release the week of January 12, 2023. It will be the same with a version 109 of the WebView2 Runtime. No … Read more

Microsoft has offered to integrate Call of Duty into Sony’s PlayStation Plus

Microsoft has offered to integrate Call of Duty into Sony's PlayStation Plus

It’s been a year Microsoft announced acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but things have become more complicated for a few months. sony does everything in its power to convince the various regulatory authorities that will decide on the validity of the takeover that the transaction will cause an imbalance in the market. The Japanese brand, which … Read more

Microsoft launches cashback program

Microsoft launches cashback program

A few weeks ago, sony announced the launch of its program PlayStation stars which aims to reward the most loyal players by making them earn points over purchases or challenges in their games, so that they can then buy goods in the dedicated store: games, content, goodies or even consoles. Microsoft did not immediately respond … Read more

Microsoft is working on a multipurpose app for mobiles

Microsoft is working on a multi-functional app for iOS and Android that can offer online shopping, messaging, web search, news feed and other businesses. According to The information who got some tips about this development, which is still at a very preliminary stage, the initiative for this project is from Satya Nadella, the head of … Read more

Microsoft is planning a status indicator for VPN connections on Windows 11

After releasing Windows 11’s major update of the year, 22:22, Microsoft does not plan to slow down the development of Windows 11. In fact, the company has given its operating system a new feature. ©diy13/123RF.COM This takes the form of a VPN status indicator that Microsoft aims to improve the technology on its PC operating … Read more

Games With Gold – December’s ‘free’ games announced by Microsoft

The confirmation of an offer of two games. As media attention focuses on the war being waged Microsoft and sony In time to put an end to the controversies surrounding the takeover of Activision Blizzard King, the big year-end games have generally all arrived (with the exception of the expected High on life and The … Read more