the continuation of the saga is available in series on Amazon Prime Video

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in Denis Villeneuve’s suite, blade runner 2049. Everett Collection/Bridgeman Images After six months of development, the platform has ordered a miniseries, the plot of which will take place 50 years after Denis Villeneuve’s part. Maestro Ridley Scott and Michael Green will oversee this sequel as executive producers. The Replicants will … Read more

a trailer from the future for the Amazon series from the creators of Westworld

The Peripheralthe new Amazon series from the creators of Westworld is revealed in a futuristic trailer. Amazon turns to science fiction and hopes to bet on the right horse. If, at first glance, seeing the creators of Westworld taking the reins of a brand new project that promises to be enticing – given the general … Read more

Amazon defends the diversity of the cast of its series from the “Lord of the Rings”

‘There aren’t just white people in Middle-earth’: the Amazon group has defended the casting of its big-budget series inspired by Lord of the Rings, in the face of criticism over the choice of actors from diverse backgrounds, which they believe would distort Tolkien’s work. Since the broadcast of the first two episodes of this series, … Read more

the world according to Elon Musk” Monday September 5 on RMC Découverte

Monday, September 5 at 9:05 p.m., RMC Découverte will broadcast the unpublished documentary “From Tesla to SpaceX: the world according to Elon Musk” directed by Abdel Mostefa. In just twenty years, Elon Musk became one of the most influential and wealthy men on the planet. Within the multitude of fields he touches, a common point: … Read more

Here’s why “An extraordinary team” is the series to discover this week on Amazon Prime Video!

“An extraordinary team” has taken its place in the Amazon Prime Video catalog like a UFO since August 12. Indeed, the series is a compendium of good humor, courage, sport and especially questions about the condition of lesbians. Unfortunately, for some reason that escapes us, she is not talked about enough. We explain in a … Read more