The Amazon spin-off of The Boys has revealed a first trashy teaser

The universe of The boys continues with Gen V, a teen series that promises to be pretty trashy and has just revealed its first images. Amazon Prime Video Series The boys recently came to kick the huge anthill of works based on superheroes. Innovative, whimsical and above all very gorythe series created by Eric Kripke … Read more

Amazon Prime Video adds the Senegalese series “Mistress of a married man” to its platform

Amazon Prime Video adds the Senegalese series "Mistress of a married man" to its platform

(Ecofin Agency) – Since the installation of Netflix on the African continent, the streaming service seems to focus on collaborations with producers from the English-speaking part of the continent. Its competitor, Amazon Prime Video, seems to want to take advantage of this strategy to strengthen its presence in French-speaking Africa. The Senegalese series “Mistress of … Read more

Amazon Prime Video Crimes of the Future

Amazon Prime Video Crimes of the Future

CRITICAL – Peter Capaldi travels back in time in this ambitious paranormal thriller between Dark and The sixth Sense. If there’s an unlucky time to wake up, it’s 3:33 a.m., according to folklore and horror movies. This so-called “devil’s hour” marks the moment when the line between the real world and that of malevolent spirits … Read more

Amazon reveals the first image of its series adapted from the video game

Amazon Prime Video has just revealed the very first image of its series fall outadapted from the video game of the same name. The space opera (with the exception of adaptations of Star wars and off Mass effect) is still struggling today to convince on the video game scene. The industry and players have long … Read more

Amazon Prime Video: the news from November 2022 revealed

Now that the first season of the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is completed, the attractiveness ofAmazon Prime video going to take a hit, which confirms us the program of additions for the month of November, which will certainly feature interesting content, but mostly nothing new or exclusive to the … Read more

Seth Rogen is preparing a spin-off series of his controversial film for Amazon

After the controversial animated film from 2016, Seth Rogen is preparing a spin-off series Sausage party: Foodtopia for Amazon. When it was released in 2016, the feature film sparked an unprecedented wave of outrage. The subversive and magnificently caustic Sausage party triggered violent attacks around the world. In France, the animated film has alienated La … Read more