2023 promises to be an exciting year!

2023 promises to be an exciting year!

From Starship to Ariane 6 and from Juice to Psyche, without forgetting Euclid and the first commercial missions to the Moon, the year 2023 promises to be exciting. It was also during this year that the European Space Agency decided to establish its own manned flight program. Discover our selection of the most important astronautical … Read more

the government confirms that Starlink will launch its operations before the end of the year

the government confirms that Starlink will launch its operations before the end of the year

(Ecofin Agency) – SpaceX acquired the operating licenses from the Nigerian Communications Commission for its subsidiary Starlink in May 2022. The company had originally planned to start providing operations in the country in August. Starlink, the satellite internet network of billionaire Elon Musk’s American company SpaceX (pictured), will finally start commercial operations in Nigeria before … Read more

The CNES observation satellite takes to the skies with SpaceX

The company SpaceX had been selected to launch the mission SWOT designed in collaboration with the French CNES (National Center for Space Studies) and the American NASA. SWOT (Surface Water Ocean Topography) is a 2 ton, 16 meter wide satellite that will observe the Earth’s surface from 890 kilometers above sea level. Its role will … Read more

OneWeb deploys satellites through competitor SpaceX

OneWeb deploys satellites through competitor SpaceX

After a launch with the rocket SpaceX’s Falcon 9, OneWeb confirms the successful deployment of 40 new small telecommunications satellites for its low-orbit high-speed Internet access constellation. This is the very first time that OneWeb has called on SpaceX to complete its constellation, knowing that SpaceX is in competition with OneWeb through its own starlink … Read more

SpaceX has just launched 40 OneWeb satellites

Thursday 8 December at SpaceX sent a large group of corporate satellites into orbit OneWeb. A total of 40 satellites have been launched to complete the latter’s mega-constellation, which is SpaceX’s direct competitor in the high-speed internet sector. 22:27 GMT, a rocket SpaceX’s Falcon 9 took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In … Read more

A Russian cosmonaut transported by SpaceX has arrived at the International Space Station

La cosmonaute russe Anna Kikina, l

This joint flight between the US and Russia was particularly symbolic amid the war in Ukraine. “We can’t wait to get to work,” said US astronaut Nicole Mann shortly after docking the spacecraft with the space station (ISS). It was SpaceX’s fifth regular mission to the ISS on behalf of NASA, but the first to … Read more

Europe could turn to SpaceX to replace Russian rockets


by Tim Hepher and Joey Roulette PARIS (Reuters) – The European Space Agency (ESA) has started initial technical discussions with SpaceX, the company of billionaire Elon Musk, which could lead to temporary use of its launch vehicles after the war in Ukraine blocked Western access to Russian Soyuz rockets. Arianespace’s American competitor is with Japan … Read more

Spectacular images from yesterday’s flight of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, ‘the most powerful rocket in the world’

Spectacular images from yesterday's flight of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, 'the most powerful rocket in the world'

The powerful one launcherlauncher of SpaceXSpaceXThe Falcon Heavy, successfully lifted off from Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on 1eh November at 13:41 GMT (14:41 Paris time) across fogfog. It had been three years since he had returned to the space service. His mission, classified as top secret, was to place … Read more