Are you a Microsoft 365 subscriber? Microsoft gives you Clipchamp Premium filters

micClipchamp is the new video editor pre-installed on Windows 11 after big update 2022 (22H2). The program, web-based and bought by Microsoft in 2021, offers a modern and accessible interface to edit your videos in minutes, and one of the great merits of the Redmond company was to simplify the pricing structure, offering two versions … Read more

a trailer from the future for the Amazon series from the creators of Westworld

The Peripheralthe new Amazon series from the creators of Westworld is revealed in a futuristic trailer. Amazon turns to science fiction and hopes to bet on the right horse. If, at first glance, seeing the creators of Westworld taking the reins of a brand new project that promises to be enticing – given the general … Read more

Lord of the Rings MMO – Reasons why Amazon Games canceled their ‘Lord of the Rings MMO’

After three years of work, Leyou and Amazon Games announced last year the cancellation of the development of their Lord of the Rings MMO. Why ? According to Christoph Hartmann, obviously because of Tencent. In 2018, we remember that the Chinese group Leyou and the developer Amazon Games announced the development of an MMO based … Read more

Amazon Gaming Week: the best deals to shop now

For two weeks, Amazon makes video game enthusiasts happy. The e-commerce platform has just launched its Amazon Gaming week offering discounts on a wide range of accessories and video games. Televisions, headphones, keyboards, mice, if you are looking to have the best gaming products at a reduced price, now is the time. We have therefore … Read more

Xbox Game Studios – Microsoft offers Activision Blizzard in particular to strengthen its positions in mobile gaming

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced its intention to buy Activision Blizzard. The operation should contribute to making up for the group’s delay in the mobile game segment, considered the leading video game market today. At the beginning of the year, Microsoft announced its intention to offer Activision Blizzard for the trifle of 70 billion dollars … Read more