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HomeInsuranceTenant: how to find the home insurance that suits your profile?

Tenant: how to find the home insurance that suits your profile?

Anyone renting an apartment or a house has a legal obligation to insure their accommodation. More than a simple formality, this essential guarantee has real advantages for a household. It is therefore important to ensure that your home insurance corresponds to your situation in order to benefit from the most complete offer at the best price.

The importance of good home insurance

The principle of a Home Insurance is both simple and essential. According to the contract taken out with a specialist in the sector, you will be insured at the level of your accommodation for any damage to property, while benefiting from civil liability for the occupants of the accommodation. In France, each tenant must have this type of insurance. However, this is not the case for an occupying owner.

All home insurance must include at least a civil liability guarantee (also called “rental risk guarantee”). It makes it possible to offer coverage and adequate compensation in the event of damage caused to the rented property or to surrounding property. This concerns in particular the risks of water damage, fire or explosion.

Depending on the diversity of profiles (single person, student, family, etc.), home insurance includes different clauses for a variable cost. In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to look for the most coherent offer according to your situation.

Choose an offer adapted to your real needs

Faced with the giants of the sector, companies on a human scale often present judicious solutions in order to obtain the best possible insurance offer. With more than 40 years of experience to its credit, the French company Solly Azar seeks to offer everyone a home insurance offer that precisely meets their needs. The coverage offered to tenants includes basic guarantees to deal with imponderables, all at attractive prices.

You can request a quote online very quickly to be able to compare insurance offers with those of other companies. Among the strengths of a contract signed with Solly Azar, several clauses deserve to be highlighted. We can cite the management of temporary accommodation (as well as the care of pets) in the event of difficulty, a household help service to deal with a health problem or a babysitting service. In the event of a claim, rapid reimbursement (without a waiting period) should also be noted.

Multi-risk home insurance, the best solution?

Prudent tenants can also take out a multi-risk home insurance. This contract offers comprehensive coverage for both property and people. Requiring a larger investment, it is distinguished by high compensation for full coverage.

Multi-risk home insurance includes basic civil liability. This coverage has the advantage of covering all members of the household, including for situations taking place outside the home (dog biting a passer-by, broken neighbour’s window, etc.). Coverage of the financial consequences for any damage affecting the neighborhood is also included.

Choosing your home insurance carefully is of obvious interest. Tenants should not underestimate the risks that could affect their accommodation, nor overpay for their insurance. It is essential in this context to compare the offers and seek the insurance offering you the guarantees you need at the fairest price.



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