The 2 series added to Prime Video from 28 October 2022

To end the month in style, Amazon Prime Video is adding new film productions to its catalog. This week in particular you will discover 2 new series that will surely please you.

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Whether you’re in love with suspense, drama, comedy or sports, you’ll find your account. From October 28, 2022, you can find these 2 series on Amazon Prime Video.

The Devil’s Hour – Season 1

Broadcast date: October 28

Genres: Suspense and drama

Manager: Tom Moran

Summary: This British series revolves around Lucy, an ordinary woman trying to make ends meet. In addition to having a complicated and meaningless life, she pulls another problem: every night she wakes up at 3:33 in the morning. However, it is the hour that is considered the devil’s, between 3.00 and 4.00. On the other side of the room is Lucy’s son, who every night hears his mother talking to empty chairs.

Until then, the young woman is not worried yet. But when her name begins to be linked to a series of heinous murders, she realizes that she is the victim of a phenomenon beyond her control. She will have to find the answer to all her questions in her daily awakenings, at the devil’s hour. This series spans 6 episodes, all available from October 28, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

Matchday FC Barcelona – A New Era – Season 1

Broadcast date: 31 October

Genres: Reality TV, Documentary, Comedy, Sports

Summary: This week you can also follow a documentary series focusing on FC Barcelona. It will be a unique opportunity to delve into the heart of this football team and go behind the scenes of this emblematic club. In particular, you will be able to follow the preparations for the matches, during one of the team’s most impressive seasons. The series also looks at the players’ lives off the pitch, allowing you to get a closer and more intimate view of their habits. You will also be able to watch some important matches played by the Blaugrana during a season.



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