The 7 series added to Amazon Prime Video from October 30, 2022

The month of October is off to a flying start on Amazon Prime Video. Subscribers to the streaming platform are already entitled to a nice small selection of series. Note that most of the titles that have been added to the catalog are only sequels to seasons that have already aired the previous month.


Nevertheless, there are a few new titles to discover like Darknet-sur-Mer and 22.11.63.

22.11.63 – season 1

Air date: 09/30

Genres: Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Science Fiction

Directors: Kevin Macdonald, James Strong, James Franco, John David Coles, James Kent

Synopsis: November 22, 1963 was a dramatic day for the United States of America. During that day, three shots rang out in the streets of Dallas. A man was hit and that person was none other than President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

This is how all of America witnessed the assassination of its president. What if we could go back in time and change its fatal destiny? Is it possible to rewrite history? A professor embarks on a journey through time to try to prevent the assassination of JFK.

The Last Ship season 1 to 5

Air date: 09/30

Genres: Action, Adventure, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, Thriller

Director: Jack Bender

Synopsis: The world is facing a pandemic on a scale never seen before. And with the world turned upside down, the crew of a US Navy destroyer finds itself embarked on a mission that could change the fate of mankind forever.

This crew carries on board a scientist capable of developing a vaccine against this virus. The role of the crew is therefore to ensure her safety and to cross the sea to bring her to a safe place. However, the journey will not be easy.

Nip/Tuck – season 1 to 6

Air date: 09/30

Genres: medical series, drama

Director: Ryan Murphy

Synopsis: Sean McNamara and Christian Troy are longtime friends who became plastic surgeons. Together, they are at the head of a clinic in Miami and receive a lot of clients on a daily basis. Professionally, they couldn’t be more fulfilled.

That said, there is something to complain about in their personal life which, so to speak, is quite chaotic. The two men then find themselves shuttling between their professional and private lives. And of course, it’s not always going to go like clockwork.

Rizzoli & Isles: Autopsy of a murder – season 1 to 7

Air date: 09/30

Genres: Detective series, Crime, Drama, Mystery

Directors: Jan Nash, Mark Haber, Norman Buckley

Synopsis: Jane Rizzoli, a Boston police investigator. On a daily basis, she has to team up with Maura Isles. However, it should be noted that her teammate does not wear a badge. In other words, Maura Isles is not a policewoman.

His profession is medical examiner. On the other hand, this does not prevent him from actively participating in investigations and providing assistance to Jane Rizzoli. Together, they form a shocking tandem that cannot be walked on.

Veronica Mars – season 4

Broadcast date: 02/09

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Teen drama, Detective series


Synopsis: At first glance, Veronica Mars appears to be a perfectly ordinary high school student. But the reality is totally different. This young girl has more than one trick up her sleeve. Not only is she very smart, but she is fearless and not afraid to go into danger.

Growing up alongside a father, a former sheriff turned private detective, she developed certain investigative skills. And in everyday life, she puts her skills to good use by hiring out her investigative services to her wealthy classmates. And it can happen to him to lend a hand to his father.

Darknet-sur-Mer – season 1

Broadcast date: 07/09

Genre: Comedy

Director: Rob Thomas

Synopsis: Benjamin and Florian are two young hackers. For them, life already seems monotonous enough in their small fishing port. On the island of Oléron, there is really nothing new. Their only moment of euphoria comes only when they are behind their computer exploring the darknet.

But the apparent calm of Ponet-sur-Mer will change in the blink of an eye when Alakan and Veran, two Albanian mobsters land on the island. The latter came to recover their money which was stolen from them online by Benjamin and Florian. These two geeks are clearly in serious trouble.

Animal Kingdom – season 5 and 6

Broadcast date: 09/09

Genres: Crime, Drama

Director: Jonathan Lisco

Synopsis: Following the death of his mother, young Joshua is forced to move in with his grandmother. She is the head of the Cody family, a sibling made up of criminals. Within this family, we can say that the slogan is “one for all and all for one”.

Once part of the Cody family, there is no turning back or standing apart. To live within this family, Joshua will have to bend to the rules and show unwavering loyalty.


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