The 8 films added to Amazon Prime Video as of October 10, 2022

It’s already the start of a new week in October on Amazon Prime Video. And who says new week, says adding new content. As usual, films, series and documentaries are regularly incorporated into the platform’s catalog.


It will be the same during the week of October 10 with the addition of 8 new films. Discover without delay the program concocted by Amazon Prime Video.

Associated Scammers (2019)

Air date: October 10

Genres: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Director: Matt Aselton

Synopsis: Ivan Warding is an outstanding art thief who, like an eel, slips through the fingers of the police. The latter never makes a mistake and remains elusive, to the chagrin of the police. However, Ivan does not commit these thefts lightly. In order to repay all the debts his father has contracted with dangerous traffickers, he has no choice but to continue stealing.

While thinking of a way to leave this criminal life for good, Ivan accidentally meets Elyse Tibaldi. This attractive young lady is an actress who earns her living by ripping off wealthy collectors. Like a sign of fate, they go together, mount a shot that will be so lucrative that they will only have to retire.

The House at the End of the Street (2012)

Air date: October 15

Genres: Scary, Horror, Mystery

Director: Mark Tonderai

Synopsis: Élisa and Sara, her mother, have just moved to a brand new town. While they are still making their mark, they will very quickly realize that there is something wrong with the neighborhood. But it is especially Élisa who seems the most intrigued. The teenager and her mother learned that an incident had taken place in the house at the end of the street a few years ago.

It turns out that a young girl murdered her parents in this house. And the only survivor of this massacre was Ryan, the second child of this family. Very quickly, Élisa befriends Ryan. However, she is far from suspecting that the macabre story that surrounds this boy is far from being a story to be combined with the past.

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Air date: October 15

Genres: Drama, Horror, Western

Director: S. Craig Zahler

Synopsis: We are in 1850, in the town of Bright Hope. Located somewhere between Texas and New Mexico, this city is the scene of a dark affair. As the residents of this peaceful town go about their business, they are taken aback when the wife of one of their own goes missing.

The latter has just been kidnapped by a more than enigmatic horde of Indians. It was then that the local sheriff, Franklin Hunt, accompanied by a small group of men, immediately set off in pursuit. However, he and his men are far from suspecting that this pursuit will be a real descent into hell.

The Holiday (2006)

Air date: October 15

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Director: Nancy Meyers

Synopsis: Iris and Amanda are two women at odds with each other. If one has a tidy life in the county of Surrey in England, the other is more outgoing and leads a dream life in Hollywood. That said, these two women have one thing in common. They both go through a big disappointment in love.

Disappointed by the male sex, they want to change their air to think of something else. That’s when they decide to swap their homes to spend a well-deserved vacation away from it all. On the other hand, they are still far from suspecting that these improvised holidays could well change their lives.

The Grinch (2000)

Air date: October 15

Genres: Comedy, Family

Director: Ron Howard

Synopsis: Christmas, Christmas, every year, children look forward to this day. Gifts, parties, snowflakes, all the elements come together to spend an unforgettable day. That said, not everyone is excited as the party approaches. And the grumpiest is undoubtedly the Grinch.

The latter hates Christmas above all else and dreams of spoiling the festivities. While the inhabitants of the small village of Whoville are preparing to party as it should be, the Grinch prepares for him a bad plan.

The Crazies (2010)

Air date: October 15

Genres: Horror, Horror

Director: Breck Eisner

Synopsis: A small town in Iowa has been in turmoil since a plane crash occurred nearby. Following this tragic accident, a mysterious toxic virus spreads in the city and causes strange phenomena. The inhabitants of the city are seized with an excess of uncontrollable rage which pushes them to commit inhuman acts.

The city sheriff is one of the few people not to have been infected with the virus. Accompanied by a group of survivors, they will try to survive until reinforcements arrive. But when the American army arrives on the scene, they decide to place the whole city in quarantine. Whether they are infected or not, no one is allowed to leave town.

The Hill Has Eyes (2006)

Air date: October 15

Genres: Horror, Horror

Director: Alexandre Aja

Original work: The Hill Has Eyes (1977) by Wes Craven

Synopsis: A couple hit the road to California. The purpose of this road trip is above all to celebrate their wedding anniversary and at the same time rediscover their bond of yesteryear.

After listening to the advice of a gas station attendant, the couple decides to take a shortcut that is in the New Mexico desert. But it was a very bad decision on their part. This desert harbors dangers that they most certainly would never have wished to discover.

The Hill Has Eyes 2 (2007)

Air date: October 15

Genres: Horror, Horror

Director: Martin Weisz

Synopsis: While carrying out a simple routine mission, a small group of young soldiers belonging to the National Guard find themselves in danger. Everything changes when they make a stopover in New Mexico to make a delivery of equipment.

It is then that they find themselves grappling without warning with a horde of cannibalistic mutants towards the hills. The rumors were therefore true. These hills are indeed haunted, not by the Carter family, but by a tribe of cannibals.


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