The 8 films added to Amazon Prime Video from October 3, 2022

As always, it’s impossible to go a week without hearing about the latest updates on the streaming platform. Amazon Prime Video. You probably guessed it, there will be films and series to discover during the week of October 3.


In addition, it should be noted that 7 films are already available since 1er october. Without wasting a second, this is what awaits you on Amazon Prime Video at the beginning of the month.


Broadcast date: 01/09

Genres: Biopic, Drama, Musical

Director: Etienne Comar

Synopsis: In 1943, France was facing occupation by German forces. During this dark period, Django Reinhardt, who was considered a legendary jazz guitarist, found himself embroiled in the conflict. The German forces wanted to invite him to perform a whole series of concerts in Germany. The Germans had plans to take advantage of his great notoriety to accelerate their propaganda.

As he feels the noose is tightening around him, he decides to flee and go to Switzerland. Accompanied by Naguine, his pregnant wife, by his mother Negros, he stayed for a while in Haute-Savoie before taking over the management of the suite. But during this time, his escape plans will become complicated.


Broadcast date: 01/09

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Crime, Drama, Mystery

Director: Oz Perkins

Synopsis: Rose and Kat have been waiting for their parents for a long time. The latter had to pick them up for the winter holidays. But unfortunately, they are not about to see them appear.

In the end, they find themselves forced to stay in the girls’ institution where they are registered. Left to their own devices, the two young faces find themselves embroiled in a sordid story that clearly has nothing natural about it.

Too beautiful ! – October 1st

Broadcast date: 01/09

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Director: Jim Field-Smith

Synopsis: Jay Baruchel is a completely ordinary man who frankly has no success with the fairer sex. But for some inexplicable reason, he just met someone. But the most surprising thing is that he is now dating a woman whose beauty is breathtaking.

If we can afford the comparison, the two clearly do not play in the same category. Everyone around her and even strangers are more than amazed to see them together. It’s even harder for Jay who still has a hard time getting used to the idea that he’s dating a real hottie.

The Little Stranger

Broadcast date: 01/09

Genres: Thriller, Horror, Drama, Mystery

Director: Lenny Abrahamson

Synopsis: Doctor Faraday is called urgently to go to the bedside of one of these patients at Hundreds Hall. She lives in a mansion that is falling apart. At one time, Faraday’s mother had worked there. When he arrives, he will quickly realize that something is wrong.

Although the mansion is in a sorry state, it seems that something more terrifying is tormenting the owners. Far from suspecting what is happening, Faraday will discover with horror that he is also linked in some way to this situation.

The Farewell Affair

Broadcast date: 01/09

Genres: Drama, Spy, Mystery

Director: Christian Carion

Synopsis: This story takes place in 1980s Moscow. We follow the adventures of a KGB colonel named Sergei Grigoriev. The latter, disappointed by the actions of the regime in place, is more than determined to remedy the problem. And to do this, he will attack the root and overthrow the power in place. But to achieve his goals, he needs to forge new relationships.

It is for this purpose that he decides to contact Pierre Froment, a French engineer who is currently stationed in Moscow. Together they decide to pass on top secret information from the Russian government. Said data will very quickly attract the attention of Western secret services such as France and the United States.

The Descent

Broadcast date: 01/09

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Director: Neil Marshall

Synopsis: It has been a year since Sara suffered a terrible trauma from which she is still struggling to recover. To clear her mind, she decides to go to North Carolina with her best friends. Their objective is to go there in order to explore a cave.

Once there, the small group quickly embarks on their little caving expedition. But without warning, will degenerate. They find themselves targeted by predators of an unknown race.

The Descent 2

Broadcast date: 01/09

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Director: Jon Harris

Synopsis: Sara Carter could never have imagined that the exploration of a cave would end in a descent into hell. After having to face predators of unknown origins, Sara, totally in shock, is the only one of her group to be released from the cave.

But although she is paralyzed, she has no choice but to plunge back into this hell. Being the only one to know the place, she will have to assist the rescue team ordered by the sheriff to save her friends.

Gemini Man

Broadcast date: 03/09

Genres: Action, Science Fiction

Director: Ang Lee

Synopsis: Henry Broga (Will Smith) is a 51-year-old former hitman (Smith) who hopes to finally be able to have a happy life. After completing his 72e mission, he planned to disappear from the circuit without a trace. Unfortunately for him, his plans for a quiet retirement will simply fall apart.

A mysterious young agent, who turns out to be a clone of himself, but in a younger version, targets him. Henry will have to face the greatest challenge of his career as an assassin. Stronger, more agile, younger, John could never have imagined, even in his worst nightmares, being confronted with the best version of himself.


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