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the bill “brackets” the social partners, according to Unédic

Unemployment insurance: the bill “brackets” the social partners

Small in size but important in the questions it raises. The bill “on emergency measures relating to the functioning of the labor market with a view to full employment”, the examination of which has already begun in the National Assembly, questions the social partners as well as parliamentarians. The reform aims in particular to extend the application of the rules for compensating job seekers set by decree in 2019, which expired on 1er november. It also paves the way for new settings. The executive, which is opening a sequence of consultation with the social partners, wants to accelerate the return to employment and vary the conditions of compensation according to the economic situation.

Important provision: the first article of the bill gives the government the role of once again defining by decree the measures for applying the unemployment insurance scheme, until December 31, 2023. takes the keys to the truck, perhaps considering that the social partners have not managed Unédic well enough, ”decrypts Senator LR Frédérique Puissat, future rapporteur for the text in the Senate.

“It is a very strong act which is marked in the bill”

Unédic is the association which has been in charge of managing the unemployment insurance scheme since 1958. It is run jointly by trade unions and employers’ organisations. This mode of management is parity. Its place, in this context of a takeover of the government, could have lead in the wing, as acknowledged in half-word Patricia Ferrand, the president of Unédic, this September 28. “You are right in the fact that it is a very strong act which is marked in the bill”, declared during his hearing by the Senate Affairs Committee this representative of the CFDT. “The law (…) Read more about Public Sénat

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