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the cast of the Amazon series is still growing (and it promises)

The famous hitman duo are back in the Amazon Prime Video series, Mr. & Mrs. Smithwhich is further expanding its cast, for our greatest pleasure.

The great recycling of Hollywood films still has a future ahead of it since the action comedy worn by the iconic duo formed by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in 2005, will be entitled to a new adaptation. Cult for some, anecdotal for others, the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith directed by Doug Liman (jumper, Edge of Tomorrow) is about to become a series.

If the brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge, creator of Fleabagwas to carry out the project alongside Donald Glover, she finally left the production and left her place as co-creator to Francesca Sloane, who previously worked alongside Glover on Atlanta.

The coolness of a Smith

After the sad departure of the filmmaker, the first announcement concerning the (nice) cast of the Amazon series Mr. & Mrs. Smith finally reassured us, even a little excited. But let us specify all the same that this series Mr. & Mrs. Smith is not a remake. Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane seem to want to reinvent history and play with the codes of action comedy.

Maya Erskine, recently spotted in Obi-Wan Kenobiwill therefore play alongside Glover, but also Michaela Coel (I May Destroy You), by Paul Dano and John Turturro, just that. But these super actors are not the only ones to have joined the cast. variety reported that two new names have been added to the list: Parker Posey and Wagner Moura.

Narcos : Photo Wagner MouraWe hope he doesn’t die

Having acted in films as different as Superman Returns and The Doom Generation, Parker Posey is a great actress, all too often relayed to supporting roles who has distinguished herself in many registers and who, in all objectivity, could play anything. Wagner Moura, who exploded thanks to his role as Pablo Escobar in Narcos but who before that to play in action films like the Brazilian feature film elite troopwill lean with Mr. & Mrs. Smith towards a register towards which he has not yet gone much during his career, comedy.

The actor will soon be appearing in Civil War, the new Alex Garland. Will they be the big bad guys or the allies of the Smith duo? Nothing is certain yet. If no release date has yet been revealed, we hope to find this new series Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.




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