The CMA continues its antitrust investigation into the activities of Apple and Google

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has announced its intention to continue his investigation on the oligopolistic power that Apple and Google have in the smartphone market.

The CMA continues its investigation against Apple and Google

In June 2022, the UK regulator announced that action would be taken on the situation in the UK smartphone market. Today, the CMA is carrying out its threats. The Competition and Markets Authority said it would deepen its investigation into how Apple and Google separate the smartphone market and especially on their web browsers for mobile devices.

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After a public hearing, it was confirmed that Apple and Google could train an effective duopoly in the smartphone market. A situation that allows them to exercise what the regulator calls a ” control over the mobile ecosystem “. Until it has more power, as it does in the EU, the CMA said it would use its ” existing powers to tackle problems where we can “.

Sarah Cardell, Acting Chief Executive of the CMA, comments that “ many UK businesses and web developers tell us they feel held back by the restrictions imposed by Apple and Google. We cannot allow this situation to continue “. According to the regulations in force in the United Kingdom, market research can lead to to binding change orders practices, but not fines.

Apple, for its part, states that “ we will continue to engage constructively with the Competition and Markets Authority to explain how our approach promotes competition and choice, while ensuring that consumer privacy and security are always protected “. A Google spokesman says that many of the concerns raised by the CMA about Apple’s mobile operating system does not apply to its Android system.

Some major technology companies are supporting this study of Apple and Google. This is the case with Microsoft, which believes that the two giants’ control over mobile ecosystems can lead to growing threats to competition if nothing is done. A spokesperson for Meta said the company is fine with the idea of ​​launching an investigation. The American giant even called on the regulator to expand App Tracking Transparency.

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