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The Crown: Did the series go too far on Princess Diana? Anger rises in Britain

Only a few more weeks until we discover the fifth season of The Crown, which already promises to get a lot of ink flowing in the British media. And with good reason, the show’s creators have this time decided to focus on Princess Diana’s last year, an editorial choice that’s already making people cringe across the channel…

On the 9th of November The Crown is making a comeback on Netflix for a season that is likely to divide aficionados of the British crown. If the series, which focuses on the events that have shaped the lives of members of the English royal family, has always been a source of debate, the broadcast of the fifth season already looks complicated, as it will be focused on Princess Diana’s final years. Died on 31 August 1997 after the car she was carrying crashed violently into the wall of the Alma bridge tunnel in Paris, Princess Diana has always been considered one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures in the royal family.

Almost five years before her death, Lady Diana had seen her marriage to Prince Charles, who became King Charles III, go up in smoke, she who had not hesitated to mention in the media her husband’s adulterous relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles, the current queen consort, in a famous BBC interview. A turning point in the Crown’s history that the series was supposed to address, much to the chagrin of Prince William, who would have preferred the writers to forget this painful episode.

Has the line been crossed?

According to the correspondent at Buckingham Palace Telegram, Prince William would believe that this famous interview conducted by Martin Bashir, who had been found guilty of breaching editorial conduct to land the interview with Lady Di, would have contributed to the “fear, paranoia and isolation” felt by his mother . According to information provided by Daily mailWilliam Shawcross, the Queen Mother’s official biographer, is said to have called season 5 of the series “hateful“and”deliberately hurtful“, especially because of the words that the character of King Charles III would use to evoke his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

asked by The suna source present on the set would have even considered that the season “crossed a line“.”Going back to Paris and turning Diana’s last days and hours into a script is the height of discomfort“, she added. Judgment in three weeks



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