The Echo Dot 4th generation Bluetooth speaker enjoys a 33% drop at Amazon

Fall for the Echo 4th generation Bluetooth speaker with its stunning design. With just a few clicks, connect your device to Alexa with your mobile. Then relax.

Echo Dot available on Amazon: a connected speaker to simplify your life at home

Echo Dot 4th Generation is a device designed to help you in your daily life. Compatible with Alexa, you can ask your device everything: order it to play your favorite music, watch streaming videos on your screen, make calls, schedule your workout with its timer and many other things. It is very easy to use. Connect your device to the appropriate socket then go to the Alexa application by connecting to the internet. It is ready to use. You can also pair your different compatible devices with Alexa. With Echo Dot, control all of your rooms from your kitchen, bedroom, etc. For example, turning the lights on or off at your convenience without moving from your chair, locking the doors.

With Echo Dot, moments of giggles can be done solo. Alexa comes into play to tell you jokes at your request; answer your many questions, obtain basic information such as the weather, etc. Just ask him. An interaction is then created. As a family, you no longer need to text the children when dinner is ready or if you are in a hurry. The Echo Dot and Alexa duo takes care of it.

Amazon: the Echo Dot 4th generation smart speaker at just €39.99

Learn how to take time for yourself with Echo Dot. This device allows you to control your entertainment: reading audio books, music, podcasts, in your home via the multiroom or multiroom. It is an audio system allowing you to listen to your music in all the rooms of your house. This small device with a modern design, very elegant, will easily find its place in your interior. It is non-invasive. You have control over your privacy. You can, for example, disconnect the microphones by pressing the speaker’s off button; view your voice history, delete audio recordings, or ask Alexa to do so. With Echo Dot 4th Gen, you have access to ZigBee home automation technology allowing you to connect more devices through Amazon’s speakerphone.

The advantages of the Echo Dot speaker:

  • Good sound quality for listening to music or reading books;
  • A beautiful design, it is a functional accessory for your interior;
  • ZigBee home automation present;
  • A connected speaker to stay in control at home effortlessly.

A connected home with Echo Dot and Alexa is the guarantee of having a good time on the sofa doing nothing.

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