the entire catalog is now available to Prime subscribers

Today, Amazon is expanding its music streaming offering by giving Prime members all 100 million songs in their Amazon Music library for free. However, there are some limitations.

Amazon has expanded the number of songs its Prime members can access on Amazon Music from 2 million to 100 million, which represents the entire catalog of songs Amazon streams through its paid streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited. The expansion will also include access to ” most popular podcasts, which will be available ad-free and at no additional cost to Prime members “, according to the company.

On their side, Apple Music offers over 100 million songs and 30,000 playlistswhile Spotify has over 80 million tracks, including 4.7 million podcasts. According to Amazon Music, the decision to dramatically increase access to songs was made after customers had long pushed for access to a full music catalog.

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You won’t be able to choose the song you want to listen to

As before, all music will be ad-free, the only problem is that you won’t be able to choose which songs you want to listen to. Actually instead, you will be able to choose from curated playlistsdiscover one mix music from your favorite artists or albumsand randomly play any playlist found on the platform.

This limitation makes the service a good option for those who already have a Prime subscription, but not something comparable to Apple Music and Spotify. In addition, the music is only available in “standard” quality. To get rid of the restrictions, users can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited for 9.99 euros/month and listen to songs in high fidelity and Spatial Audio, while having the option to select specific tracks to listen to. Note that a 30-day trial month is available for free.

We also remember that Amazon recently raised the price of its Prime subscription by 20 euros in France. The monthly rate has increased from 5.99 euros to 6.99 euros whileyou have to pay 69.90 euros per year instead of the previous 49 euros. Apple, for its part, has also just increased its subscription to Apple Music.

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