The famous Barbie doll is in the spotlight on Amazon: flash sales not to be missed

Since its creation in 1959, the Barbie doll has fascinated generations. Marketed by Mattel, this timeless toy still delights children and collectors. Until September 25, Amazon has chosen to put Barbie and her companions in the spotlight, by offering a multitude of exceptional reductions. Do not hesitate to take advantage of these offers to save money and anticipate your Christmas gifts. The search system set up by Amazon will allow you to easily find the accessories you need. Selection by age, houses, vehicles, animals, universe… You will find something to please children, whatever their preferences. Hurry to Amazon to take part in Barbie Week. Many Barbie Week items are compatible with Amazon Prime Priority Delivery.

All the best Barbie deals on Amazon

Barbie and her accessories at a mini price on Amazon

What would Barbie be without her many companions and accessories? Although the famous doll has a similar face within all the sets, she is distinguished by her clothes and the various objects that accompany her. On Amazon, you will find many Barbie vehicles on sale, including a motorhome, a convertible car, a Fiat 500, a scooter, or even a helicopter. Available in a new version, the must-have Barbie plane is also affected by the Barbie Week offers. Dream House, Large Luxury House, Holiday Home… Watch your children develop their imagination by making Barbie evolve in one of these wonderful settings. With discounted clothing sets on Amazon, Barbie will be able to find an outfit that’s perfect for every new environment.

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