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The FNSEA raises awareness among parliamentarians on the insurance reform

The reform of crop insurance, drawn up in line with the work of the Varenne de l’eau, should be implemented on January 1, 2023. However, its effectiveness will depend on certain points that remain outstanding, such as the creation of the group of reinsurance, the accuracy of the index tool used to assess losses, or even the consistency of the calculation of the Olympic average.

The FNSEA raises points to be clarified so that the reform of crop insurance is useful to farmers. (© Terre-net Media)

After meeting with deputies and senators to make them aware of the various agricultural issues, the FNSEA recalled in a letter sent to all parliamentarians the Vigilant point still on the subject of crop insurance. Indeed, if the reform will come into force on January 1, 2023, several points could, according to the union, jeopardize the effectiveness of the system.

Thus, the creation of reinsurance group depends on the agreement that will be reached between the insurers. Without this, it will take 18 months for it to be created by decree. “A key element in the governance of the future system, this grouping cannot see its constitution postponed to such a distant deadline”, worries the FNSEA.

Field expertise, Olympic average

The union also calls for the establishment of a “complementary system of simple field expertise accessible to each breeder”, making it possible to correct the inconsistencies between the data from the satellite measurements and the reality on the ground. A device that would be more effective than the possibility of requesting a reassessment, provided for by law.

Finally, the law also provides for rmake the calculation of the Olympic average more consistent used as a reference to measure the rate of losses. However, nothing concrete has been put in place in this regard. “We ask that reflection begin immediately with the publication of a government report on the actions and avenues for development to be considered at European and national level, in particular on the methods of calculating the average production potential per crop”, indicates the FNSEA.

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