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The free Amazon Kids service for children, available on all Echo devices, is coming to Spain.

PARIS, Oct. 5 (Benin News / EP) –

Amazon announced the availability of the free service for children AmazonKids, which can now be used with its digital assistant, Alexa, across the brand’s Echo family of devices.

Amazon Kids is an experience for children under 10 years old. From 3 to 12 years old which allows young children to access personalized content, while offering settings adapted to their age. It can be used for both play and learning.

This service, which arrived on devices Echo and Echo Show with a new free software update in Spain, has a range of educational skills (to learn languages ​​or cover areas such as science, math or spelling) and entertainment, as well as playlists .

Other aspects of the service include the ability to create a profile for children, so that Alexa can recognize their voice and offer them age-appropriate content.

On the other hand, Amazon Kids lets you set daily time limits so that, for example, when kids have to go to bed, have dinner, or do their homework, they can’t get in touch with the assistant.

To activate it, the user simply repeats commands such as: “Alexa, tell me a joke”, “Alexa, sing me a song to play” or “Alexa, tell me a story”. However, the assistant also answers questions such as “Alexa, what’s your favorite song” or “Alexa, who’s your favorite villain”.

It should be noted that Amazon Kids provides parents and guardians with a series of tools aimed at… child protection. These include the parental control panel (which helps control children’s activity), time limits, and a filter to block songs from streaming music platforms that contain explicit content.

It also has the ability to block any voice purchases to prevent unwanted payments from the Amazon account, giving adults full control over these activities.

Thanks to this solution, children will also be able to make voice and video calls with other children. contacts previously approved by parents or guardians, as well as access to messages and Drop In within the house.



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