The French are no longer picky about the frozen croissant

From across the channel, it looks like a culinary revolution. “The French are tempted by the frozen croissant”observe The times Londoners returning to a French breakfast innovation: the artisan croissant to be prepared at home.

This product, imagined by the baker from the suburbs of Lyon Vincent Brouty, is selling like hot cakes, notes the very serious British diary. These somewhat special croissants, sold raw and frozen, were launched during the Covid-19 crisis, where travel remained restricted. They had to allow customers who only went to his bakery once a week to bake their own cakes.

At the time of inflation and the croissant advertised at 1.50 euros, its version of 78 centimes seduces. “Frozen croissants had long been the bane of French gastronomy, sold in supermarkets to serve neighborhood bakeries struggling to preserve the national culinary heritage. Today, purists put aside their pride,” report it Times.

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