The good resolutions that PlayStation, Nintendo and Sony must take in 2023

Who says new year, says good resolutions to make. In 2023, the main players in the video game market should consider some of our suggestions.

It’s 2023, which means it’s time to make decisions – and preferably good ones. This mandatory passage every new year also concerns large companies, which must learn from the previous months in order to make good decisions afterwards.

In light of the year flopper 2022 in terms of video games, we can recommend several resolutions to be taken for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – three manufacturers that market several consoles.

Some resolutions for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo


  • Improvement of PlayStation Plus

In 2022, Sony launched a new formula for its PlayStation Plus. Thanks to a merger with PlayStation Now (ex-cloud gaming service), the subscription is now offered in three different formulas. Currently, this redesign has a hard time convincing once you cross the second of the three levels. The catalogs of games offered are ridiculous, compared to Xbox Game Pass the streaming functionality is limited and the absence of new features doesn’t make you want to pay more.

PlayStation Plus finally recalls the complicated first months of Xbox Game Pass, which has continued to be refined over time. We’re hoping for a similar trajectory for Sony, whose latest financial report shows a loss of subscribers. It is not a coincidence.

  • Sell ​​games for PlayStation VR2

Sony is about to launch the PlayStation VR2, its second virtual reality headset, this time to tie in with the PlayStation 5. Technologically, the accessory looks more compelling than ever – according to the first returns. But the future of PS VR2 will not be limited to its hardware qualities: to convince, it will require games. This point had been missing in the first PlayStation VR, which nevertheless managed to sell well.

Overall, Sony really struggles to bring its accessories to life. From the PlayStation Eye camera to PlayStation Move controllers, software tracking rarely lives up to expectations. A finding that carries over to the DualSense, a formidable controller that is still too underutilized.

PlayStation VR2 must convince about the games // Source: Sony
  • Stop the exorbitant prices

Sony which raises the price of its consoles (+ €50), Sony which launches a remastering disguised as a remake for €80 (€20 less on PC…), Sony which dares to launch a controller for €240, Sony which to prepare to market a €600 VR headset… If you’re a fan of the PlayStation brand, it’s in your best interest to maintain a good relationship with your banker. Because the Japanese company’s pricing policy doesn’t care about our savings. And it shows more and more…


  • Finally, Nintendo releases the Switch Pro

It seems that a Nintendo Switch Pro – more powerful – was indeed in the pipeline – hence the many insistent rumours. It would finally have been canceled in favor of the OLED model focused on improving comfort. Nevertheless, when we see the technical debt of certain games released in 2022 (Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, Bayonetta 3), we think Nintendo would be wise to revive the file. Especially in this year, when a show The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The idea would simply be to provide a better gaming experience for the eyes.

  • Start a new Mario game

Nintendo fans await The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom impatiently. But time is getting long for those who prefer Mario. The latest 100% unreleased opus, dubbed super mario odysseydates from 2017. The mustachioed plumber who is about to experience a crazy adventure at the cinema has been on technical unemployment for too long now.

Super Mario Bros.  The movie // Source: Screenshot
We dream of a Mario video game with this graphic quality // Source: Screenshot
  • Fend off the next Pokemon

In 2022, we were treated to two episodes of Pokémon, with Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. In both cases the experience was mixed. Perhaps Nintendo should give the Pokémon Company the idea to take more time, otherwise we could fear the Assassin’s Creed syndrome. Ubisoft had gotten into the habit of releasing a new opus a year until it hit the wall and triggered a necessary revamp. We want the same for Pokémon if possible on a Switch Pro.


  • Build your catalog of exclusive items

Nothing: this is the word that best sums up Microsoft’s year 2022 in terms of games launched under its banner. It’s a real problem for an actor who has a string of studio acquisitions for the sake of legitimacy, but is still struggling to turn the essay on the side of the catalog of exclusives. For the Redmond company, it’s high time to make people want to buy an Xbox for something other than its Game Pass. With its constellation of developers, it should now be able to establish an editorial line capable of competing with Sony’s.

  • Observe the current prices

We’ve kept our prices for consoles, we’ve kept our prices for games … and our services. I don’t think we will be able to do this forever. At some point we will have to raise some prices “Said Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, at the end of October. But Microsoft could also change its mind and maintain an aggressive strategy – especially against Sony, which cares much more about its margin. Keeping the Xbox Series S at € 300 and the Xbox Series X at €500 is a strength, especially with Xbox Game Pass, which would remain at €10 per month.To make volume, there would be no better.

Xbox Series S when it stands // Source: Maxime Claudel for Numerama
Xbox Series S for €300 + Game Pass for €10 = nice front door // Source: Maxime Claudel for Numerama
  • Launch Xbox Game Pass natively on Steam Deck

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s biggest strength in the gaming market. The subscription is unsurpassed, with quality/price and quantity/price ratios that are hard to dispute. In 2023, we want the service to continue expanding to more and more devices. For example, we dream of it coming naturally to the Steam deck with an application that allows you to install the games – or to play them in streaming. Today you can access Game Pass on the Valve console, but after a complex guide to follow (for neophytes) and more than questionable compatibility.

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