The health insurance company chooses 6 new digital services for “My health room”

Prepare for hospitalization directly at home and with a few clicks thanks to DigiHOSP, make an appointment for a physical or video consultation with a healthcare professional with Doctolib or monitor your child’s health with the help of professionals via the Malo app? Here are three new digital services out of the six that have just been added to the dedicated catalog on My health space, which now includes 18, one month after opening. Free or paid, from public or private players, in health or wellness, others will soon join them.

18 digital services in the service of health

This catalog of applications and websites was actually opened at the beginning of November to help French citizens identify the services to which they can refer in relation to their health. Scheduling medical appointments, daily measurements of blood pressure or weight, monitoring a chronic disease or even accessing patient portals at healthcare institutions, there is something for everyone. All referred services must comply with more than 150 interoperability, security and ethical requirements of the Digital Health Doctrine, defined by the Digital Health Agency (ANS).

The next opening for data exchange

The novelty in 2023 for the 65.4 million users who have a My Health Space profile will be the possibility to exchange data with the services listed in the catalog. Specifically, he can choose to store his data and information from different sources in his space, such as applications, websites, medical equipment, connected objects or vice versa to share them with the catalog’s digital services. Prior user consent is required.

My health room

All these new digital services therefore enrich My health space, the platform piloted by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and by Health Insurance since 2022. This new digital health record concerns all French people who have not opposed the creation of their space after a communication campaign based on the opt-out principle. With less than 2% of refusals, it is therefore almost all people covered by French health insurance who can receive a health document or a message after a consultation, hospitalization or a health examination. The idea is to no longer lose important health documents and to share them more easily with healthcare teams.

600,000 new users per month

By the end of October 2022, 7.2 million people had already activated the service at a rate of 600,000 new users per month. An encouraging trend that should accelerate thanks to the automated delivery of medical files from health institutions and professionals as business software is updated, funded by Ségur du Numérique. Over the past year, the flow of health documents sent to patients in My Health Space has increased tenfold, and the momentum continues. The digital Ségur, equipped with two billion euros funded by the EU, aims to compensate for the national delay in sharing health data to improve the health of citizens, the daily life of professionals and the efficiency of the health system.

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