The local authorities’ “no” to Microsoft

The increase in prices of more than 20% for Microsoft’s office suite and the consequences of the American Cloud Act are encouraging local authorities to look for French alternatives. Andrii Synenkyi/Angelov/Adobe Stock

After Lyon, it is Haute-Garonne’s turn to look for alternatives to the American giant.

A rebellion or a revolution? A wind of weariness is blowing in many local communities. Microsoft’s business practices are causing more and more dissatisfaction. “The root of the problem is Microsoft’s strategy. It is incompatible with good management of a local communitydisc Marc Sztulman, regional councilor of Haute-Garonne. Microsoft wins markets with products at artificially attractive prices, an ease of use that seduces, but afterwards we are stuck.The straw that broke the camel’s back came from a price increase of more than 20% on American’s office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). To escape it, Haute-Garonne could subscribe to new services, such as Teams, OneDrive or SharePoint. “The choice is higher prices or increased dependence. The only solution would be a headlong rush to leave to our successors the management of markets with prices outside…

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