the meeting between the Chinese president and the British prime minister was cancelled

The meeting scheduled for Wednesday 16 November on the sidelines of the G20 between Chinese President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been cancelled, Downing Street said.

this meeting”was canceled due to scheduling issues“, a spokeswoman told AFP. It was to be the first in nearly five years for leaders of the two countries with strained relations, and one of the major meetings of this G20 for the new head of the British government, which came to power in the end of October.

An emergency meeting of the G20

The G20 summit, being held in Indonesia, was rocked by Russian attacks in Ukraine and the fall of missiles in Poland, which remained unconfirmed. The leaders of the major powers of the G7 (USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Japan) held an emergency meeting on the sidelines of the summit.

During this interview with Xi Jinping, Rishi Sunak, who a few months ago described China as “main threatfor global and British security, should call for “an honest and constructive relationship between London and Beijing“, according to a statement released earlier by Downing Street.

Faced with the current crises, with the war in Ukraine, the economic crisis, global warming, he also had to call on Beijing to use its influence to “ease international tensions, ensure regional stability and play its part in addressing the devastating consequences of the war in Ukraine around the world“.

Relations between London and Beijing have deteriorated significantly in recent years, especially with the suppression of pro-democracy demonstrations in the former British colony of Hong Kong or accusations of espionage against the telecom giant Huawei.

China”is committed to, together with the UK, promoting the stable and healthy development of China-UK relations based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit“Reacted for its part the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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