The Microsoft Excel World Championship exists and it’s crazy

Excellent news for all fans of the famous spreadsheet software. On November 12, the FMWC (“Financial Modeling and Excel Competitions World Cup”) is hosting the most unlikely event in esports history. A great competition broadcast live between the eight biggest bosses of… Microsoft Excel. Crazy idea? Not that much: last year’s edition brought together more than 400,000 spectators.

But what are these championships all about? The official site explains that the goal is to mobilize your logical skills – and your knowledge for the thousand and one functions of the software, such as IFS, XLOOKUP, SUM or even VBA – to solve a series of challenges of about thirty minutes. The event is open to everyone: you don’t need to be an expert in finance, engineering or data analysis to win the top prize.

If you like the challenge, you have until October 6 to join the great global competition – registration costs 25 dollars. The qualifications will take place two days later and will elect 128 valiant competitors. You will then have to win the 3 rounds following to obtain worldwide recognition and the modest sum of… 10,000 dollars.

To warm up while waiting for November 2022, you can always rewatch previous editions. Recently, the “All Star Battle” bringing together the gratin of Microsoft Excel, coming from the United States, Ireland, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Poland and the United Kingdom, was even broadcast on the ESPN2 television channel.

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