The Minister of Finance unveils the austerity budget

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In Great Britain, Parliament is reviewing the autumn budget. It is a tradition that after the “real” budget in the spring, the government presents its fiscal measures half a year later. This year, the challenge for the finance minister is to deal with inflation of 11% and the country’s entry into recession. Jeremy Hunt presented measures articulated around stability, growth and public services.

With our correspondent in London, Emeline wine

With this budget, Jeremy Hunt hopes to prove to the markets that Britain is a responsible country. We expected it, taxes will go up for everyone, especially for those who earn the most. The government is also increasing its extraordinary tax on energy giants’ profits from 25 to 35% for the first quarter of 2023.

Some extended support measures

Alongside tax and tax increases, the Minister of Finance has just announced budget cuts. All departments must make an effort. Big exception for health and education, from which the minister asks for quality and efficiency.” Singaporean “. Refusal on the other hand to abandon controversial projects such as the Sizewell C nuclear power station. Total: £55 billion reduction in public debt.

So much for stability and public services. On growth, Jeremy Hunt is extending some support measures, particularly for energy bills. But he warns: Britain will go into recession, unemployment, inflation will rise further. In short, the worst of this crisis is yet to come.

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