The NotePad app can get tabs in Microsoft Windows 11

Tabs in NotePad on Windows 11 soon? A tweet from a product manager leaves little room for doubt.

Shortly after the introduction of Windows 11, Microsoft made some significant improvements to its application notepadan application that hasn’t evolved much since it was launched back in the days of Windows 95. Today, it looks like the time has come to introduce a big feature, if we’re to believe a leak coming straight from a product manager at Microsoft and discovered by The edge. “NotePad in Windows 11 now has tabs!” read the boss’s tweet before it was deleted a few minutes later.

Tabs in NotePad on Windows 11 soon?

Along with the tweet, a screenshot, embedded below, showing two tabs, one with a “confidential, do not discuss features or take screenshots” note. That warning obviously didn’t help much, but the recording also indicates that the tabs are in the testing phase and may be coming to Windows Insiders in the relatively near future.

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A tweet from a product manager leaves little room for doubt

Given the popularity and our habits of tabs, mainly in web browsers, it is ultimately quite difficult to say that these have not flooded our other applications. Microsoft added them to its File Explorer on Windows 11 a few months ago, which helped reduce the number of windows when searching for or copying files. The Redmond company had been testing tabs in Windows 10 apps a few years ago before abandoning this project.

NotePad is an old application, to say the least, that arrived in 1983 to help Microsoft convince people to use the mouse in MS-DOS. Since it’s mostly the same plain text editor from two decades ago, it’s impressive that it’s still so popular today. If you use NotePad enough to need tabs, hats off! However, this feature is only a rumor at this stage. To be continued !

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