The reform of the employment insurance can be completed in 2023

According to the minister, the reform promised by the Trudeau government must take into account the reality of regions such as Gaspésie—Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

Diane Lebouthillier had made the reform of employment insurance one of her priorities when she was re-elected in 2021. She mentions that the issue is still top of her concerns.

She reminds that Minister Carla Qualtrough, who is responsible for the case, has undertaken to present the new reform in 2023.

Justin Trudeau and Diane Lebouthillier during a visit to Gaspésie

Photo: Radio-Canada

The Gaspé minister mentions that Mrs. Qualtrough has met with the various partners in society, such as Action unemployment as well as representatives of the trade unions, the Employers’ Council and the chambers of commerce, precisely to get a reform that fits the new realities in the labor market.

“,”text”:”La dernière réforme de l’assurance-emploi date du début des années 1970, précise-t-elle. Ça fait 50 ans, puis on sait que le monde du travail a changé. “}}”>The last labor insurance reform dates back to the early 1970s, she says. It’s been 50 years and we know that the world of work has changed.

We will ensure that we get the best possible reform, a reform that will also take the self-employed into account. »

A quote from Diane Lebouthillier, MNA for Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine and Minister of National Revenue

Diane Lebouthillier also mentions that the reform will take into account the reality of workers who want to change careers to, for example, learn about new technologies.

A protest earlier this week

Several member organizations of the Interprovincial Employment Insurance Alliance demonstrated earlier this week. They demand rapid reforms.

A fisherman sits in front of a container full of live snow crabs.  You cannot see the person's face.

Workers in the fishing sector are particularly affected by the current terms and conditions of the employment insurance program. (File)

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In Gaspésie, this mobilization was held in front of Grande-Rivière’s office of Diane Lebouthillier. Citing the text of a survey conducted by Segma Research among companies in the Gaspé region on seasonal employment, the protesters claimed that almost a quarter of the region’s jobs over the past year were seasonal and that the unemployment rate directly affects applicants for employment insurance, which in such a situation. Unemployment is around 10%.

Mrs Lebouthillier agrees that the fishing sector is particularly difficult. We also look at what is happening in tourism and agriculture. Much of our economy is seasonalshe admits.

Groups representing the unemployed are requesting a single eligibility limit of 420 hours or 15 weeks of work.

They also want a unemployment benefit rate of at least 70% based on the best 12 working weeks.

With information from Bruno Lelièvre

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