The report points to shortcomings in police recruitment

This affair caused a stir in the United Kingdom, and Scotland Yard had been accused of ignoring alarming signals about the killer’s behavior. Other cases have been added to this, fueling a crisis of confidence among Britons in their police, in a country where the notion of consensus with the public is embedded in the approach of the police. “It is too easy for the wrong people to both join and stay in the police,” said the head of police inspection services, Matt Parr. “If the police are to rebuild trust and protect their female officers and staff, enforcement must be much stricter and sexual misconduct must be taken much more seriously,” he continued.

“Standards must change”

The study included 11,277 police and administrative employees, 42 people were interviewed. 725 control files and 264 complaints were screened. “Despite repeated warnings, too little has been done to improve standards and stamp out misogyny and predatory behavior,” added Matt Parr. Among the report’s recommendations are updating minimum due diligence standards and improving the quality and consistency of enforcement decision-making.

The report highlighted criminally reprehensible behaviour, such as sexual acts which were treated as an isolated deviation, or the recruitment of police officers associated with crime in their surroundings.

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