The Rings of Power will pick up speed in its second season

For Amazon, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was the series of all records… But for the spectators on the other side, it’s a different story. The first season was very well received, for good and not so good reasons. Amazon promises to hit the accelerator.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was the event series of the year for Amazon, which spared no checkbook to put images on this new vision of the universe put down on paper by JRR Tolkien. After the period of “review bombing” where the trolls attacked the casting, the series reached a marching speed that was not very fast with the audience. On Rotten Tomatoes, Rings of power barely reach a score of 38%.

The diversity of the cast will remain

After two episodes that dazzled, the rest of the series marked time and locked its characters in a choppy and not really exciting story. Vernon Sanders, Global TV head at Amazon Studios, said he was pleased with this first season, which attracted new customers to the Prime Video service. It also confirms Amazon’s five-season commitment with the same team.

But above all, it clearly indicates that season 2 will be carried away. ” Season 1 had so much to establish, now we get to have the pleasure of seeing the story take off now that Sauron has been revealed. “. Sanders adds that audiences should expect a show that, while staying true to itself, will raise the stakes. He also promises bigger matches in the next season.

As for the issue of diversity in the cast, there’s no going back on that. The new actors and actresses appearing in Season 2 come from ” worldwide “. The production of this new series of episodes is currently taking place in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

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