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The Room of Folly in York, North Yorkshire, UK » PACA’s Economic and Political Letter

Halloween is fast approaching… and the presence of ghosts, witches and goblins can already be felt.

On this occasion, Airbnb reveals several scary residences (even haunted …), available on the platform. Enough to give chills to travelers, even the bravest!

With the long-awaited arrival of the movie Hocus Pocus 2 streaming on Disney+ since September 30th – the dark cottage of the Sanderson sisters, located in the secluded woods of Salem, Massachusetts, is of course at the top of the list! With its creaking wooden floors and cupboards filled with blood and potions of all kinds, brave souls who dare to enter this estate will be able to book their stay on Airbnb from 12 October at 19:00. Note, first come, first served!

Among the list of terrifying accommodations there is also a “mad room” in York in the United Kingdom or a Victorian Gothic mansion in Ellicott City in Maryland in the United States.

For all those who want to live a secluded stay to invoke the spirits, many accommodations are available in the interrupted stay category on Airbnb, isolation guaranteed!

The Madness Room in York, North Yorkshire, UK: This 600-year-old haunted ‘madness room’ is a veritable time capsule, containing wood paneling and overlooking the headmaster.



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