The surprising punishment of the student who threw an egg at King Charles in the UK

A 23-year-old student was arrested by police on Wednesday 9 November after throwing eggs at King Charles III during a trip. He was released and given an astonishing sanction.

A 23-year-old was arrested by police on Wednesday, November 9 after throwing eggs at Charles III and Camilla while the royal couple were away in York, UK. No projectile hit the couple, but very quickly the student was called out and arrested.

Two relationships

The young man, an environmental activist, was later released. In The Mirror, quoted by AFP, Patrick Thelwell explained that he had been detained for a total of 22 hours. He gets free, but on two conditions: no longer approach the king and no longer carry eggs in public.

It is this last sanction that surprises the most. The young man, on the other hand, clarified to our British colleagues that he could buy eggs and eat them.

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