the tide has turned, a majority of Brits believe “it was a mistake”

**Food production in the UK is decreasing.**Farmers are reducing their operations to cope with the lack of labor but also with the increases in costs, especially related to animal feed or even export problems

Director of ‘Save British Food’, Liz Webster represents a growing number of farmers who say Brexit has made their situation worse, “the situation is really terrible, it’s getting out of control, it’s a disaster”, she says .

“Re-entering the single market”?

She is now campaigning for Britain to re-enter the single market. “British trade is tied up in so much red tape. It couldn’t be worse for us. There are two things, yes you are selfish – you are a business. But I also tend to see things for the whole country and I’m really concerned about food security, food stocks and food supply” she pleads.

According to her, “the quick fix is ​​to free up our trade by re-entering the single market as soon as possible.”

Brexit, a mistake for a majority

And it is not only those who work in agriculture who change their minds. According to opinion polls, there has been a turnaround since the 2016 referendum, which has accelerated in the past year. Now 57% of Brits think Brexit was a mistake!

The wine industry has also been forced to adapt. This company is still struggling to get large orders of European wine across the Channel. Where once it was a matter of days, it now takes several months. Many in this sector are frustrated that politicians are reluctant to discuss bringing the country back into the EU.

“I’m amazed that the debate isn’t happening right now – there are so many businesses that are really struggling. Every day is difficult. We need to talk honestly about it, have debates about the customs union, the single market, all of it. of it,” said Ben Wilcock of Lant Street Wine Company.

While public opinion appears to have turned, businesses must continue to adapt to a situation that in some cases is far from improving.

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