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The Tories, circle of late prime ministers

In the summer of 2022, political life in Great Britain hit rock bottom so rarely in history.

Whatever comes out of the coming week, the “Mother of Parliaments” will [expression désignant le Royaume-Uni tirée d’un discours du politicien John Bright en 1865] is no more than a bad joke, and its constitution is the laughing stock of the world. Four Prime Ministers have been thrown out in six years, and never by a democratic vote. A fifth will be appointed, and it still won’t be through an election.

British political life is famously more a democracy of a small club than that of the little people. The voters – the little people, that is – can of course nominate the members of the little club every five years, but then the little club reigns supreme. He is the one who chooses the person who is most worthy to be him to lead the nation. He, by testing her, decides when this person is good for scrap. The man who dealt the prime minister the fatal blow [jeudi 20 octobre] so is graham brady [président de l’influent Comité 1922, qui regroupe tous les députés conservateurs]responsible for passing these destructive tests on behalf of the Tories.

Liz Truss embodied nothing

It only took six weeks for Liz Truss to go to waste. We can give the UK credit for knowing how to correct a bad choice of direction without delay (other countries can take their example from her), but apart from that, this whole process of indignation and defenestration that we have witnessed, completely indefensible. The small club, very closed and usually obsessed with the rules, has sunk into the background

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Source for the article

The Guardian (London)

Independence and quality characterize this title born in 1821, which counts among its ranks some of the most respected columnists in the country. The Guardian is a reference newspaper for the intelligentsia, teachers and trade unionists. Oriented towards the centre-left, he is very critical of the conservative government.
Unlike other UK reference dailies, the paper has opted for a free access website which it shares with its Sunday edition, The Observer. The two press titles switched to tabloid format in 2018. This decision was part of a logic of cost reduction, while The Guardian had lost money continuously for twenty years. A successful strategy: In May 2019, editor-in-chief Katharine Viner announced that the paper was profitable for the first time since 1998.

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