“The United Kingdom is a middle power”, assures Lenglet

The United Kingdom is looking for a fourth Prime Minister since Brexit, the last one lasting only 44 days… It’s an incredible comedy set in London where governments now come and go as quickly as the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Boris Johnson had fallen due to scandals surrounding his behaviour, Liz Truss is simply falling for extraordinary incompetence, after triggering a financial crisis in the early days of his tenure.

All these managers are based on Conservative Party, the party from which the greatest leaders of the last century, such as Churchill or Thatcher, emerged. He is today in intellectual and moral discomfort.

The root of the problem undoubtedly stems from a misunderstanding within the Conservative Party itself, which had taken the majority, facts and reason for Brexit. He sold out voters after the return of Britain’s imperial golden age when ties with Europe were severed. Everything should be possible. Once in power, leaders faced a reality that Brexit did not change: The United Kingdom is a middle power that the de-westernization of the world has brought back to its true dimensions, that is, very modestly. Hence the financial crisis, which blatantly sanctioned Liz Truss’ stupid tax policy, pocket Thatcher.

An identical situation in France?

This is definitely the case for France. But we handle the problem differently, precisely by integrating ourselves into Europe itself, to weigh more heavily, even at the expense of the limitations of social life. They are betting on the splendid isolation. De Gaulle wrote in his memoirs: England is an island, France the cape of a continent. This remains profoundly true.

Brexit, a mistake?

Not as such, the national election was perfectly legitimate. England was never really integrated into the Community. It was logical for her to deviate from it. But the separation is done without preparation or strategy.

The small group of conservatives who run the country is bourgeois and British aristocrats who know each other from the prestigious colleges of Eton and what is called Oxbridge, Oxford and Cambridge, universities of exceptional quality. They have no visions, no ambitionsexcept to remain in power by all means.

What missions for the new government

It is Rishi Sunak, former finance minister, who appears to have the best chance of being appointed. It will have to submit to the demands of international investors who want resumption of accounts, that is, tax increases and cuts in public spending. At the worst time, when growth is already collapsing. Difficult times therefore await the English.

If the new Prime Minister does not comply, it is a punishment à la Lizz Truss that threatens: currency collapse and interest rate hikes. The paradox is that the British economic situation is no worse than ours. But the monetary union allows France to take advantage Germany’s implied warranty and escape the sad British fate.

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