The US and UK ban several “made in China” technologies

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has just banned the import or sale of new telecommunications equipment from several Chinese giants, L’Informatique reports, citing a “ unacceptable risk for the national security of the United States:

The FCC is committed to protecting our national security by ensuring that the use of unreliable communications equipment is not permitted within our borders, and we continue that work here. Jessica Rosenworcel, the organization’s president, said in a press release.

The prohibited communication equipment is that produced by Huawei Technologies, ZTE Corporation, Hytera Communications, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology and Dahua Technology, as well as “ their subsidiaries and affiliates “.

The United Kingdom, for its part, has just banned the broadcast on sensitive pages “CCTV cameras made by companies committed to cooperating with China’s security services,” in light of the threat to the UK and the growing capacity and connectivity of these systems “.

Additionally, departments were advised that no such equipment should be connected to the department’s core network and that they should consider removing and replacing such equipment when installed in sensitive locations rather than removing it. Wait for scheduled upgrades. ยป

The government’s decision to end the deployment of Hikvision and Dahua surveillance equipment is an important first step, but the protection afforded to ministers and civil servants must be extended to all of us. Madeleine Stone, legal and political director of the NGO Big Brother Watch, said: Our research revealed that Chinese state-owned CCTV is used by more than 60% of government agencies “.


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