the various updates planned by Microsoft for 2023

Launched in 2021, the Windows 11 system continues to improve through updates. While we were waiting for Windows 12, Microsoft would have planned a number of changes for 2023.

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The launch of Windows 11 in 2021 was accompanied by Microsoft’s promise to slow down the frequency of updates. Releasing too many updates too often could lose consumers and especially businesses that had to validate each change before implementing it.

The new system is therefore only eligible for one major update per year, in the fall, while waiting for Windows 12, which is already expected for 2024. If Microsoft sticks to this schedule, 2023 should be the last year, Windows 11 will be the latest system from the side of the company.

For the occasion, the company would have planned several adjustments.

Three updates

According to those in the know WalkingCat on Twitter, Microsoft would prepare a new major update for Windows 11 as early as May 2023. In addition, a “Moments” update would arrive in February or March. Don’t you understand any of it? It’s normal.

For Windows 11, Microsoft appears to offer three sizes of updates. That ” Moments which are feature adjustments, the Continuous innovations “which is a bit more important, and the annual updates which the publisher considers big.

We will therefore have the following schedule:

  • February or March: small update ” Moments »
  • May: Big Update” Continuous innovations »
  • Fall: Windows 11 2023 Major Update (Windows 11 23H2)

Expected changes

For the first update, we can expect the implementation of several changes that are currently being tested in the Insider program. For example, a better display of the taskbar for tablets, the widget panel in full screen or improvements to task management.

The second, more comprehensive update should notably offer an adaptation of Windows 11 to foldable PCs like the Zenbook Fold to better handle this new format. The homepage Windows Central states that this update should also modernize the system interface by still removing certain elements from Windows 7 or Windows 8.

On the other hand, we lack information about the changes that Windows 11 2023 brings. According to Windows Central, this update may be less important than usual. We should discover some changes in 2023 through the Windows Insider program.

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