These French start-ups that want to become the new European SpaceX

In France, dozens of start-ups were born with the ambition to conquer the stars. This is the case of Spartan Space, in Grenoble. Its designer imagined a structure, named Eurohab, to allow astronauts to push their exploration on the Moon a little further.

“Today, an astronaut can move away from his rocket lander by ten kilometers. To go further, he must be able to move away safely. However, when we look at the cartography of the Moon, it is difficult to go further”, says Spartan Space founder Peter Weiss. Hence the idea of ​​this company to imagine an inflatable base camp, which can accommodate four astronauts to be able to discover still unexplored areas of our natural satellite.

To develop one or more European SpaceXs, major government agencies have decided to provide technological and financial support to these young companies. “The France 2030 plan provides for devoting 1.5 billion euros to space, two-thirds of which for emerging players such as start-ups”underlines Emmanuelle Méric, president of SpaceFounders.


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