This Amazon promotion will change the way you play on Nintendo Switch

Good deal This Amazon promotion will change the way you play on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is unequivocally one of the most popular gaming consoles with the general public, and its well-stocked catalog has a lot to do with that! You can also enhance your gaming experience with some additional accessories.

Almost a third less to pay for the Nintendo Switch accessory bundle on Amazon

This set of accessories designed for the Nintendo Switch is simply impressive, it’s even one of the most complete we’ve seen so far. Admittedly, the accessories are not official, but they are perfectly compatible with the Nintendo console, but above all, they are much cheaper.

Buy the Nintendo Switch Accessory Pack for €49.99 on Amazon

We therefore find the Orzly pack at a price of €49.99 instead of €69.99 on Amazon, giving you a €20 saving. That’s a really ridiculous price for once, as this set consists of a ton of accessories, each more useful than the other.

Nintendo Switch: this is one of the most complete packages and it’s cheap on Amazon!

that Orzly Geek Accessory Kits Pack for Nintendo Switch gives you absolutely all the accessories you need to fully enjoy your Switch, enhance your gaming experience and above all protect your console. If they are not official accessories, you have quality products, among the best selling Switch accessories on the market.

On some titles, this accessory is even capable of radically changing your gaming experience! We are especially thinking about the steering wheel to play Mario Kart or even the table support if we don’t want to connect to a TV.

  • 1 x carrying case designed for Switch (this is one of the best selling Switch cases);
  • 2 tempered glass screen protectors only 0.24mm thick;
  • 2 controllers to place joycons;
  • 2 steering wheels suitable for inserting joycons;
  • 1 USB cable to connect your Switch;
  • 1 Orzly pen;
  • 1 cartridge holder with 8 openings;
  • 1 x all-in-one charging stand for Nintendo Switch controllers;
  • 1 Comfort Grip support for placing the console on a table;
  • 1 pair of Orzly headphones;
  • 3 pairs of joystick caps for your joycon’s sticks.

All these accessories are designed for the switch, some are unfortunately not compatible with the Switch OLED, but be aware that there is an almost similar kit for the upgraded version of Nintendo’s console. Thanks to this pack, you will be able to perfectly protect your Switch and take it with you everywhere.

Buy the Nintendo Switch Accessory Pack for €49.99 on Amazon

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