This barbecue sold at Amazon is now prohibited for sale

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    Dr Gérald Kierzek (Medical Director of Doctissimo)

    Medical validation:
    August 14, 2022

    This product marketed throughout France does not specify the risks associated with its use.

    If you wanted to prepare a barbecue tonight, be careful. The BBQ Smoker with Thermometer sold on the Amazon site has been withdrawn from sale. And for good reason: “compulsory warning statements” would be missing on the label.

    The barbecue concerned

    The product that is the subject of this recall procedure is the “Smoker BBQ with thermometer” of the brand “Vounot”. Marketed on Amazon, it includes the following information:

    • Ref. Sheet: 2022-08-0058;
    • Product Category: Others;
    • Product Subcategory: Miscellaneous;
    • Product Brand Name: Vounot;
    • ASIN: B07N8XMMRW;
    • SKU: 2518146154596;
    • GTIN: 8011469868263;
    • Set: DI101366 DI101595 DI 101585 DI101586 DI101590;
    • Packaging: Cardboard;
    • Geographical area of ​​sale: entire France;

    The barbecue was also marketed from May 14, 2019 to July 07, 2022.

    If it is now banned for sale, it is because it has been deemed dangerous for consumers. It is thus accused, according to the government site Rappel Conso, of causing the risk of fires, burns… and these dangers are not mentioned on the label.

    The site therefore invites all owners of this barbecue not to use it and to send it back to Amazon as soon as possible in order to obtain a refund. It is also possible to contact consumer service on 02 78 88 01 13.

    The dangers of barbecuing

    The long summer evenings often rhyme with family barbecues. However, this summer device is not without risk: it causes nearly 200 domestic accidents each year according to the Ministry of Health.

    Never use flammable products, such as alcohol, to light the barbecue. The risk of burns is real! Children should also be kept away from the barbecue“, recalls Dr. Kierzek in this regard.

    Used without precautions, charcoal, gas or electric barbecues can cause:

    • Violent burns (especially in children, who touch everything);
    • fire hazards;
    • Emanations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and other carcinogenic substances;
    • Food poisoning (especially when raw meat is kept outdoors).

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