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this crazy amount you have to pay to ride a scooter Paris

In 2022, insuring a two-wheeler cost an average of 503 euros per year. But the type of vehicle, the city where it is used and the profile of the driver greatly influence the price to pay. Up to 1000euros in the Paris region.

It’s insurance rate season. According to the first projections for 2023, those of auto insurance contracts will increase in proportions of between 3 and 5%. But the situation is hardly better for two-wheeler enthusiasts: in 2022, they spent an average of 503 euros per year to insure their vehicle, i.e. 5.7% more than the previous year. The increase could be identical this year, according to a study conducted by the comparator Le Lynx.

The increase in the average insurance premium for motorized two-wheelers is more marked in the largest cylinder categories: for motorcycles between 126 cm3 and 400 cm3, the increase amounts to 7.5% compared to last year (487 euros per year compared to 453 euros). The increase is more moderate on the side of scooters and small motorcycles of less than 125 cm3 since the insured pay on average 2.3% more this year (355 euros per year against 347 euros in 2021), details Itzal Arbide, the general manager.

After stagnating during the Covid period, prices are starting to rise again, like cars. Ile-de-France breaks the records for the highest insurance premiums in France with an average amount of 653 euros per year for two-wheelers and a peak of 700 euros for the inhabitants of intramural Paris. The increase in the premium, 30% higher than the national average, is notably linked to a higher number of claims.

A closed garage makes the difference

The inhabitants of the Burgundy region are the best off with a average premium of 407 euros per year. Nantes obtains the title of least expensive city for motorcyclists with an average premium amounting to 406 euros per year. Another element that makes the difference: the parking mode. For an individual closed garage, the average premium is 471 euros per year, compared to 638 euros for a supervised public garage.

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Finally, young drivers are once again surcharged by insurers with an average premium of 739 euros per year, or double. For Itzal Arbide, those under 25 pay for their lack of experience on the roads and are considered more risky by insurers. (…) For Ile-de-France residents under 25, it’s a double penalty since the average premium is around 1,000 euros per year.



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