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Microsoft’s Surface Duo is a rather peculiar smartphone that sold for more than 1,500 euros when it was launched in 2020. Today, that time has passed and a new model has replaced it, so it is now possible to get it for a lot more acceptable price thanks to this offer available on Darty.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2
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While folding smartphones are more and more on the market, Microsoft has decided not to do like the others with its Surface Duo. This smartphone opens like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, but reveals two screens instead of one. The use is very different from the competition, where this product is also intended more for professionals than for the general public. But with a reduction of more than 1,000 euros, he can surely now aim for another target.

Essential Microsoft Surface Duo

  • Efficient fast charging: 75% in 1 hour
  • Perfect integration of the office 365 package
  • Two 5.6 inch screens for a total area of ​​8.1 inches

Instead of 1,549 when it was released, the Surface Duo with 128 GB of storage is now available for just 599.99 euros on Darty.

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Where to buy The

Microsoft Surface Duo at the best price?

Microsoft Surface Duo

Take back this smartphone in a few clicks

A practical smartphone according to use

The very special thing about the Microsoft Surface Duo is of course its dual screen, which is revealed when it is first opened. There are two 5.6-inch AMOLED panels on each side for a total area of ​​8.1 inches. An edge is therefore visible in the middle, unlike a Galaxy Z Fold, which has a single foldable screen, but it is not really bothersome when used in portrait mode. Some applications are even optimized in this sense, to see e-mails from his mailbox on the left and read the selected e-mail on the right, for example. The Office 365 suite is perfectly integrated and optimized for this dual screen, a big advantage if you are used to using this software. You can also vary the pleasures by placing one application on the left and another on the right. This smartphone is clearly designed for multitasking. On the other hand, for use in landscape mode, such as when playing a video, the border is really too important to forget.

With its free-standing hinge, the Surface Duo can turn up to 360 degrees and has both screens on each side of the smartphone. It’s more convenient for one-handed use, but it also opens up other possibilities, such as opening it slightly over 90 degrees to place it on a table. In this way, it becomes easy to do word processing, a bit like on a laptop, with the virtual keyboard on the lower screen and the necessary software on the upper screen. It’s useful for taking quick notes during a meeting or jotting down an idea when you’re on public transport. Also note that the Microsoft smartphone is compatible with all pens in the Surface series. It can even be used as a portable consoleespecially if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play via xCloud.

A fairly modest technical magazine in 2022

If you only look at a smartphone by its data sheet, the Microsoft Surface Duo might not please you too much. In fact, his is far from the standards of 2022, especially with the presence of a Snapdragon 855 from 2019. The old high-end SoC from Qualcomm remains effective for the various uses of the Surface Duo, but do not expect an overpowered smartphone that is in able to play the latest 3D mobile games in the best graphical conditions. Similarly for the image, there is only one 11-megapixel sensor, which pales in comparison to the competition, and which will only be used for video conferencing.

As far as autonomy goes, it doesn’t do too badly despite its small 3,577 mAh battery. Allow just over a day for typical use with 15 hours of video playback and 27 hours of communication, depending on the brand. In addition, we appreciate the speed of its wireless charging, which allows the Surface Duo to restore 75% in just 1 hour. On the other hand, it is slightly longer for the remaining percentages.

To learn even more, don’t hesitate to read our complete test on the Microsoft Surface Duo.

7 /10

Microsoft Surface Duo

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