this email from Microsoft is a scam!

Online fraud and other threats are on the rise this holiday season, and cybercriminals are still betting heavily phishing access sensitive data.

A large phishing campaign is thus underway with thousands of e-mails sent every day. Emails that include Microsoft graphic codes and announce an abnormal connection to the user’s account.

Phishing accelerates at the end of the year

The message thus evokes an “unusual connection” with Microsoft account or Outlook of the potential victim while inviting him to log in to verify that everything is in order with his account. A link redirects to a fake account that looks like a Microsoft server, but actually is one clone which only aims to recover your credentials.

Fortunately, the campaign is not very extensive, and several elements can quickly put the flea in the ear, starting with spelling mistakes, which are both numerous and gross. We can also see links to a rather strange email:

In any case, the usual recommendations are in order: never click on a link included in an email, and always go directly to that website to identify yourself from a trusted URL.

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