This simple and trendy Carhartt hat is top notch for less than 18 euros on Amazon

To keep your head warm when it’s cold, there’s nothing like the good old hat! But not just any: the A18 model sold by the American brand Carhartt is one of the trends of the time. Amazon is currently offering it for 17.95 euros instead of 18.95 euros. This is a small discount, but it is necessarily interesting: every saving is, especially during the holiday season!

A Carhartt hat to be on top this winter

The Carhartt A18 hat is designed in stretch acrylic fabric and benefits from a “rib-knit” construction: the rib knit helps to give it a unique style and make it comfortable in all circumstances. The material chosen for its manufacture has only advantages: it keeps perfectly warm and does not scratch. It is also a durable material: you are sure to keep your hat for a long time, and to be able to use it for many years without it being damaged.

If it is particularly resistant, the Carhartt A18 hat is also elegant. It plays the sobriety card with a plain design. Only the brand’s logo breaks this look up a bit to remind of its American origins. If you don’t know which color suits you best, you can use the “Try before you buy” option offered by Amazon Prime: this allows you to receive several hats at home to try them on and keep only the one or them , that suits you perfectly. An original way to shop at home.

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