Ticket restaurant, Parcoursup, life insurance, pensions… everything that changes from June 1st

The month of June holds several novelties for the French. They mainly concern changes to various banking products such as life insurance, PER, or borrower insurance.

Several good news are looming for the month of June 2022. If the end of the continuation of the tariff shield to block energy prices has not yet been recorded, it must end on June 30, other measures will come make everyday life easier for French people.

More transparency in life insurance contracts, relaxation of the ceiling for restaurant tickets or even a new family booklet, we take stock of what is changing this month.

Restaurant ticket: end of the €38 ceiling

Let’s start with the annoying news: the end of the €38 ceiling for restaurant tickets. During the crisis, the government had decided to double the ceiling to support restaurateurs and encourage the French to return to restaurants. This measure is scheduled to end on June 30.

It is therefore possible to use your meal vouchers during the week and at weekends within the limit of €38 again this month. Afterwards, the ceiling will drop to 19 euros.

Registration on Parcoursup

This is not new, but the information deserves to be highlighted. Future students registered on Parcoursup will have to check their admission phase from June 2 to 15. In case of refusal, or of late file, the complementary phase will open from June 23 until September 16, 2022.

Family record book

A new model of the family book is coming! More inclusive, it includes extracts from civil status records and information relating to civil status and family law.

“These modifications take into account the new provisions concerning medically assisted procreation (PMA), the new rule for the choice of name, the reform of adoption, the identity of children born dead and the death certificate of adult children. “, specifies the State. On the other hand, it also allows you to register the death certificate of an adult child.

This new booklet also adapts to the recent regulations relating to the change of name, simplified when the choice relates to a name resulting from the filiation.

Simplified home loan for former cancer patients

This was a profound injustice. Cancer-sick and cured people had to face many constraints and difficulties to take out a mortgage.

The law changes and now allows former cancer or hepatitis C patients to obtain credit on the same terms as another borrower, but only from 5 years after their recovery. The law of February 28, 2022 also plans to abolish the medical questionnaire for loans of less than 200,000 euros.

Better compare the costs of life and PER insurance

Often obscure, poorly indicated in the contracts, hard to understand, the costs of life insurance and PER (Retirement Savings Plan) should become clearer.

This measure, at the initiative of Bruno Le Maire, obliges insurers and banking establishments to display on their website a standard table summarizing the management fees applied to each life insurance or PER. A small revolution which will also be accompanied, but from July 1, by the display of the total costs borne by each unit of account or each asset.

Terminate your borrower insurance

From June 1st it will be possible to do so at any time. Several texts had gradually allowed this solution to facilitate “the renegotiation of the conditions of the insurance in order to benefit from a better rate, but it was still little used by people who had taken out a mortgage.” specifies the site service-publique.fr

This measure will apply from June 1, 2022 for new loans, and from September 1, 2022 for contracts in progress on that date.

Right to a simplified bank account

Still concerning banking or financial products, the right of access to a bank account is simplified. A person who asks to open a bank account and who does not receive an answer within 15 days of his request may turn to the Banque de France. The latter will automatically designate an establishment close to the applicant’s domicile.

“This procedure is open to anyone residing in France or in a Member State of the European Union, to any Frenchman residing abroad and also to applicants who are prohibited from banking”, says Service-public.fr.

End of winter break

Extended with two additional months since April 1, the winter break ends on June 1. From this date, rental evictions may resume. According to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, 30,000 households could be evicted from their homes.

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