to save the social network, forced Elon Musk to take this drastic decision with SpaceX

Since the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, complications arise. The billionaire even fired 7,500 employees, i.e. almost half of the workforce. To bail money out of a social network that appears to be in a financially complicated situation, Elon Musk will encourage another of his companies, SpaceX.

An uncertain future

The situation is chaotic to say the least. The billionaire admitted it himself: the future is very worrying for the social network. He admitted to his staff that the financial situation is serious, and that Twitter may not survive the next economic downturn. Several large companies such as General Motors and Volkswagen have announced that they are suspending their ads, although 90% of revenue comes from advertising. This trend should even increase and other tenors should follow suit. In addition to this disastrous economic situation, the businessman wants still get the certified accounts to pay via a monthly subscription called “Twitter Blue”, to keep the little blue icon enthroned next to the nickname of certain public figures. A heresy for many users.

The majority of employees also do not trust the new owner of the platform, bought 44 billion dollars. The priority for the businessman is to recover the losses. So, in an attempt to calm the situation and let Twitter breathe financially, Elon Musk calls SpaceX to buy a huge advertising campaign.

promote starlink to save twitter

Officially, SpaceX will promote its Starlink Satellite internet service, mainly in Spain and Australia, for the sum of $250,000. Internet users in these countries will soon see a notification about the service when Twitter users open the application. Of course, this is not accidental. Musk is using one of his companies to save another. This situation is all the more paradoxical as the businessman has always emphasized that fact Don’t spend money on traditional advertising whether for Tesla or SpaceX.

Large advertising agencies such as GroupM or Omnicom have advised their customers to no longer invest in ads on the platform. This disastrous trend has been created since the massive layoffs and the idea of ​​a monthly subscription for the holders of the verified account icon, which in reality are warnings about the questionable financial situation of the company. Purchase of advertising SpaceX should act positively only in the short term.

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