ToeJam & Earl is getting a movie adaptation at Amazon Studios

It seems video game adaptations are all the rage, with The last of us series and The movie Super Mario Bros. on the horizon and even more on the way! Same NBA All-Star Stephen Curry gets into the action with a classic cult game from the 1990s. Curry’s Unanimous Media teams up with Amazon Studios and Story Kitchen to make a film adaptation of the SEGA video game Toe Jam & Earlaccording to The Hollywood Reporter.

Toe Jam & Earl was first released on the SEGA Genesis in 1991. The game allowed players to take control of one of two alien rappers, ToeJam or Earl, from the planet “Funkotron”. After the couple’s spaceship crashes on Earth, the aliens must traverse the planet and avoid hostile humans to find their ship’s missing parts and return home. Players fondly remember the game for its sense of humor that satirized 1980s and early 1990s pop culture. Its legacy is also kept alive by its beloved soundtrack, which was a perfect fit for a game about two aliens from “Funkotron” because it contained elements of “jazz, funk and hip-hop”. Three sequels were also released for the game in 1993, 2002 and 2019.

The movie’s plot will be slightly different, but still in the spirit of the original game. The film will still follow the aliens after they land on Earth. But this time they are on a mission. ToeJam and Earl come to Earth to seek a cure for a disease that has infected their home world and destroyed all their “rhythm, funk and groove.” The rest of the plot synopsis reads:

“Earth, their legends say, is the paradise from which the music that created their culture was born. Unfortunately for our heroes, not only do they destroy their ship, but they discover that Earth is . . . well, not the haven, they expected. But the music—that part was real. Thus begins their quest to find as much of this music as possible in hopes of saving their planet, and possibly ours.

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This Toe Jam & Earl the film adaptation must be written by Amos Vernon and Nuncio Randazzo. The writing couple has already written Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania and super fudge, an upcoming Disney+ series, together. The movie will see Curry and Erik Peyton produce for Unanimous Media together with Story Kitchen Dmitry M. Johnson and Dan Jevonswith Story Kitchen’s Mike Goldberg also serves as co-producer. The project’s implementing producers are, among others, Timothy I. Stevenson to Story Kitchen, Jenelle Lindsay for Unanimous Media and the original creators of the game Marc Voorsanger and Greg Johnson.

Stay tuned to GameSpot for future updates on this project. Watch a trailer for the latest entry in the game series below:

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