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Top 5 of the prettiest ceiling lights on Amazon

Why choose a ceiling light for lighting?

By definition, a ceiling light is a light fixture directly attached to the ceiling. Unlike a pendant light such as chandeliers, the ceiling light is not suspended and does not include accessories or ornamental elements. It has the advantage of being less bulky than suspension luminaires, and of offering real space saving. The ceiling light is therefore more suitable for small spaces or rooms with a low ceiling. The fact that it is recessed directly into the ceiling allows the ceiling light to cover a larger surface and to diffuse the light evenly throughout the room. A ceiling lamp provides elegant lighting for every room in the house. It can go alone for general lighting or in accumulation with other spotlights for more targeted and decorative lighting.

What are the different types of ceiling light?

Before choosing a ceiling light, you must first determine the type of lighting associated with it. There are two main types of lighting:

  • Incandescent lighting: it is especially recommended for passage rooms such as hallways and bathrooms, as it provides instant lighting
  • Halogen lighting: it provides general light and is better suited to living rooms such as the living room, kitchen or bedroom

In terms of design, ceiling lights are so varied today that there are some for all styles of interior decoration. You will have the choice between:

  • Metal ceiling lights
  • Glass ceiling lights
  • The spotlights
  • Cluster design ceiling lights
  • Flat and recessed ceiling lights
  • Semi-flush ceiling lights
  • The candlesticks…

If you are having trouble choosing the right model, we have selected 5 of the most beautiful ceiling lights on Amazon.

Our choice: natural bamboo and hand-woven rattan ceiling lamp

Do you like natural boho decor, retro decor or ethnic style? This magnificent 48cm diameter natural bamboo and rattan ceiling light from ENXING will be the perfect finishing touch. We particularly liked the fact that this artisanal chandelier is entirely woven by hand, but shows great resistance. It features a unique and timeless design. This ceiling lamp is suitable for the living room, the dining room, the terrace, but also for the kitchen and bathroom. The bamboo slats with which it was designed have been treated to resist temperature variations and mold. They also do not deform during installation. This product is environmentally friendly and healthy, as it does not contain any toxic substances. The particular shape of this rattan ceiling lamp draws a spectacular play of shadows on the ceiling when the bulb (not supplied) lights up.

Ceiling lamp shade with 3 bulbs: sober and elegant

This very beautiful Depuley ceiling light in the shape of a white lampshade gives a modern and elegant look to your bedroom, your living room, your dining room or your hallway. Easy to install, this ceiling light does not require much effort to assemble and can be easily maintained. It has three sockets compatible with most light bulbs (LED, incandescent, halogen, etc.). The rendering of the color will depend on the type of bulb that you will integrate into it. It is even possible to install dimmable or RGB bulbs controlled by remote control in this very chic ceiling lamp. The presence of a side strip of an acrylic plastic lower cover at its double shade allows this ceiling lamp to diffuse a subdued and pure light in your space. We also chose this product for its very versatile design, but also because it is ideal for rooms that are not very high.

Industrial style ceiling light with 4 hanging bulbs

Industrial style chandeliers like the one with 4 hanging bulb heads from DAXGD are very trendy today. This ceiling light in the shape of a black wooden chandelier will be absolutely charming in a living room, in the dining room or even in a bar or restaurant. We have included it in our ranking because this ceiling lamp is very flexible. That is to say that it is possible to adjust the height and position of the cables that hold the bulbs according to the height of your ceiling. It is therefore suitable for both high and low ceilings. The total length of this ceiling lamp is 115 cm for a width of 41.5 cm. This implies that it can light up a spacious room. This ceiling light is made of high quality wood combined with black metal for a very classy look. It does not warp or fade over time.

Ceiling lamp industrial style gold vintage style

Still in the industrial style, this golden ceiling light with 4 bulb heads CIBITA is ideal for decorating a vintage, industrial or contemporary decor. This dyed iron chandelier with a pretty gold-plated color is particularly elegant while remaining sober. With a plate diameter of 12 cm, this ceiling light is suitable even for small spaces. We have selected this product because in addition to being chic, it is made with a resistant and durable material. The lamp body has been designed through an electroplating process, which reduces the risk of electric shock. With a bulb emitting a warm color in yellow tones, the rendering will be excellent. During installation, the 4 arms of this chandelier which are pre-wired and pre-threaded are easy to assemble and can be adjusted to different lengths according to your convenience.

Waterproof round ceiling lamp

Very sober, but all in elegance, this LED ceiling light 24W 2000LM Ouila suitable for all rooms in the house: bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, kitchen… It is even suitable for outdoors, as it is perfectly waterproof with IP54 certification. It has a very simple design that emphasizes its versatility and hints at its durability. Another advantage of this ceiling light is that it has a very high light transmission. The light is evenly distributed without glare. These high quality LED bulbs produce an energy efficient 24W (2000 lumens) light output. So it provides sufficient illumination even for a large area up to 20㎡. In addition, its Class A PC plastic housing, which is also an insulator, resists shocks, vibrations, and reduces electrical leakage.

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