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As every Sunday, you can discover the 5 most read articles on during this week, which are drawing to a close.

Another SpaceX launch
SpaceX aims this Friday, December 16, for a launch of NASA’s Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission into low Earth orbit from Vandenberg Space Base.
IPTV: 17 million Europeans would gain access to pirated content
IPTV content piracy in Europe remains a real reality.
The most expensive landline and mobile subscriptions in 2023
With all the price increases inflicted on the French, we hope your income has increased in 2022 too, because you’re going to need it.
The audience’s blue kings… and not only in France
There is no doubt that the French football team’s matches during this World Cup are audience successes.
Algeria: arrest of 3 people who tried to install a pirate antenna on a radio transmitter
Elements of the gendarmerie in the M’sila department (248 km south of Algiers) in Algeria arrested 3 people while they were in the process of installing a pirate antenna on the Algerian radio transmitter that covers the region.

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