Tourism travel insurance also covers lost luggage!

Did you know that there is travel insurance, designed for those who plan to travel abroad. At first glance, it may seem unnecessary. But, we are never safe from unpleasant surprises. Accident, illness, etc. There are many misadventures that can be faced. So, to travel serenely, the ideal would be to take out tourist travel insurance. For subscription, you have the choice between a bank, an insurer or a travel agency. When you go on a trip, the loss of luggage is also one of the incidents that you can face. The question is whether this is also covered by travel insurance. We talk about it in this article.

Travel insurance: everything you need to know

First of all, it should be specified that travel insurance adapts to the needs according to the destination, the reason for the stay (holidays, work, studies, etc.) and the length of the stay. A student’s travel insurance will therefore not resemble that of a tourist. When you travel abroad, you can’t anticipate everything. The ideal would therefore be to take out travel insurance. It is the latter who will intervene if there are unforeseen events. In the event of trip cancellation, for example, the insurance has what is called trip cancellation guarantee. The latter also intervenes in visa refusals or the theft of identity papers. During the trip, travel insurance also covers medical and hospitalization costs in the event of illness or accident. Note that the amount of this support varies according to the country of destination. However, before subscribing to an insurance contract, it is important to carefully check the guarantees covered as well as the events that may trigger them (illness, theft, etc.). These vary from one insurer to another. And among the trusted insurers in travel insurance, we can cite assur travel as an example.

Is lost luggage covered by travel insurance?

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According to statistics, tens of millions of pieces of luggage get lost at airports every year. The question is therefore whether this loss is covered by travel insurance. Well, baggage insurance is an option offered by some insurers. However, most contracts only partially compensate precious objects (eg computer equipment, jewellery, cameras, etc.). Baggage insurance is also accompanied by deductibles and ceilings which differ according to the formulas and the insurers. The latter may consider the contents of the baggage differently. In terms of baggage insurance, there are contracts that reimburse clothing and other items that were in the baggage. However, this is a limited warranty. Indeed, the loss of certain documents such as transport tickets or identity documents, the loss of bank card or cash are never guaranteed. It is therefore essential to be well informed before subscribing to travel insurance. To find the formula best suited to your needs, it would be best to consult the comparison sites. There are several on the internet.

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