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two journalists from a TV channel in Persian threatened with their lives by Iran

New threats from Iran against its citizens. “Iranian-British journalists working in the UK have received death threats from the Revolutionary Guards [organisation paramilitaire] »warned the Volant Media group on Monday, November 7 in a press release.

According to the group, two journalists received “credible warnings and threats”which prompted the London Police “Officially inform the two journalists that these threats pose an imminent, credible and significant risk to their lives and the lives of their families”.

Coverage of protests

Contacted by AFP, London police said “Do not comment on security issues regarding specific individuals”. According to Volant Media, “other Iran International journalists have been informed directly by the Metropolitan Police of these threats”. “These are state threats against journalists in the UK” responded again a spokesman for the chain quoted in the press release.

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In particular, the channel covers the demonstrations that have taken place in Iran since the death on September 16 of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd who died three days after her arrest in Tehran by the morality police who accused her. for violating the Islamic Republic’s strict dress code, particularly by requiring women to wear veils. The protest – on a scale the country had not known for three years – has been suppressed in blood, with almost two hundred already dead, according to the count of an NGO based outside Iran.



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